Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Natural Sunscreens

Let's be honest... AGING SUCKS!  There are fillers and injections to make us look younger, which can be awesome...but why not try and prevent using those things!

When it comes to sunscreens, I am the person who tells her friends and family to APPLY APPLY APPLY!!! It is SO important to protect your skin! (It's the only skin you will EVER have!)

Let me break it down why I'm so nuts about sunscreen:

Skin Cancer.
Fine Lines.
Sallowness (a yellow discoloration of the skin).
Benign tumors.
The destruction of collagen - good byeeee youth!!!

The sun is an amazing natural resource! BUT it can also be very harmful to the skin! Vitamin D is AWESOME! Helps with so many things us as humans need to be healthy! But, let's get serious about preventing the BAD things the sun can also do...

Here are my favorite NATURAL sunscreens:

1. Badger SPF 30 - One of the simplest sunscreens! Only 5 indigents! Zinc oxide (VERY IMPORTANT! It reflects the sun off your skin!) Organic sunflower oil, Organic extra virgin olive oil, and Organic beeswax, $15  (There is also a face stick that I use for certain spots on my face. Like my upper lip, (I tend to get a bunch of freckles which make my look like I have a mustache, not cute!) Also, by my hair line. (Sometimes we forget that just because there is hair, doesn't mean we won't burn in-between the hairs!!)

2. Honest Sunscreen - Zinc is the only active ingredient! NO harmful chemicals, baby safe, Non-Nano, Hypoallergenic, Vegetarian, Non-Whitening, Biodegradable, and Water Proof! It does go on think, but I'd rather have a layer of sunscreen then nothing at all! $15

3. Organic Coconut Oil - Coconut oil has soooooo many uses and sunscreen is one of them! I've used it many times! You must be thinking, OIL FOR MY FACE?? YES!!! (Here is a post I wrote about face oils!!)You can find out more about the benefits of coconut oil here. $12

4. Kiss My Face Sunscreen - I love this sunscreen! It goes on light and protects your skin!!! It is an oat based sunscreen...with NO artificial fragrances, NO artificial flavors, Vegan, NO animal testing, NO parabens, NO phthalates, and it's Gluten free! $15

One thing I use EVERYDAY is Josie Maran's Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. When you purchase the 4 oz. bottle, you receive a free 1oz mini bottle, which I keep in my purse in case of emergencies!! This goes on a little think, but I just add a bit of 100% Argan Oil to make it less thick and it blends in amazing!!!

Please do yourself a favor and protect your skin!! You will thank yourself in the long run!!! ;)

Disclaimer: All information provided on is read of your own free will.  All opinions are my own, I do not work for any of the above companies. All the information provided is based on my own use of the above items and want you all to be informed of natural products! :)

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