Thursday, May 15, 2014


I am always looking for a good deal on anything and everything! Of course we always want the real thing, but we don't always want to break the bank! 

Here are two pairs of heels, both similar, though one is patent leather and the other is suede, but the price differences will SHOCK you!!

The REAL pair of studded heels are brought to you by the one and only, amazing Valentino! But for those of us on a budget, the price is not that amazing, so before you start counting your savings, here is the price: $1075!! :(

The FAUX pair of studded heels are from an online store called Windsor that I came across one day doing what I do best: ONLINE SHOPPING! They reminded me of the Valentino's, but won't put you into debt! Ready for the price?? Drum roll please......$29.90!! WOO!!

Get those little studded Windsor puppies before they are gone forever!

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