Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Unicorn Jewelry Dish

I'm kinda obsessed with unicorns! Found this idea while browsing on Pinterest one day and knew I had to make it!!

It was super easy and I had a ton of fun recreating it!!

Supplies: Cute plastic unicorns, super glue, gold spray paint, and porcelain dishes! (I got mine at a Japanese store here in Los Angeles, but creme brûlée dishes would work great too!)

Step 1: Spray paint your unicorn! (You can always use any medium sized plastic animals and any colors you want too!) I used gold spray paint with a hint of rose gold on top!

Step 2: Once your unicorn is dry, glue the tail and hind legs and place it on your desired spot on your tray. 

Step 3: Once the unicorn is firmly glued to the tray, place your jewelry whenever your heart desires! ;)

Voila! I'm obsessed!!

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